Initially I intended to share with you my own experience,
but than I discovered that Spud's interview perfectly fitted this section.

MAN Mr. Murphy, what attracts you to the leisure industry? SPUD In a word, pleasure. My pleasure in other people's leisure. WOMAN What do you see as your main strengths? SPUD I love people. All people. Even people that no one else loves, I think they're OK, you know. Like Beggars. WOMAN Homeless people? SPUD No, not homeless people. Beggars, Francis Begbie -- one of my mates. I wouldn't say my best mate, I mean, sometimes the boy goes over the score, like one time when we -- me and him -- were having a laugh and all of a sudden he's fucking gubbed me in the face, right -- WOMAN Mr. Murphy, leaving your friend aside, do you see yourself as having any weaknesses? SPUD No. Well, yes. I have to admit it: I'm a perfectionist. For me, it's the best or nothing at all. If things go badly, I can't be bothered, but I have a good feeling about this interview. Seems to me like it's gone pretty well. We've touched on a lot of subjects, a lot of things to think about, for all of us. MAN Thank you, Mr. Murphy. We'll let you know. SPUD The pleasure was mine. Best interview I've ever been to. Thanks. Spud crosses the room to shake everyone by the hand and kiss them.